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Arindam Sen Photography

Arindam Sen Photography

Artistic Category Artist
Career Level Emerging
Experienced With For-hire services, Collaboration

A picture is worth a thousand words. Photography, to me, is my way of telling a story. In my attempt to doing that - I take the viewer right into the scene as its being lived through. For the viewer, it is a joy of experiencing that story and get soaked into it as time stands still.

Visual art also creates good memories. Through my work, I try to capture moments that I can go back again and again. I combine my memory with the observations and my goal is to re-live a moment by arranging a scene that I have a direct control on.

Arindam wanted to preserve meaningful memories of his daughter’s childhood and that was the first reason for him to get into photography. After that in 2015, he started taking this to the next level so that he could create good memories for others through his lenses. He started taking meaningful landscapes when he bought his first DSLR in 2016. Slowly he started doing events and portraits and stepped up to full frame in April of 2017.


Arindam was recognized by 'Captured Pittsburgh' open air gallery (twice) and 'VISITPittsburgh' for notable work in Pittsburgh cityscape. 


Originally from India, Arindam came to USA in 2003 for work. After spending more than a decade in Connecticut, Arindam, his loving wife Sumana, and refreshing 9 year old daughter Anushka moved to Pittsburgh in August 2014. Passionate about Photography, Arindam also loves nature, travel, country and gospel music.


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15241



  • Public Art
  • Photography


  • Land/earth
  • Landscape
  • Nature
  • Still life