Pittsburgh Artist Registry

Artwork By Brandon McDonald

Artwork By Brandon McDonald

Artistic Category Artist
Career Level Emerging
Experienced With Commissions, Teaching engagements, Leading workshops, Lectures

Statement for Technology/Screentime

My work is an examination of individuals seen through the perspective of the devices they use daily.  Showing how these devices work their way into every aspect of our daily lives from at work, out in public, or relaxing at home.  By allowing the viewer to see where and how we use these devices shows how we are "tethered" to our devices.  This daily overload is deleterious to face-to-face communication, personal space, and physical and mental health.  The work urges viewers to examine their own use of these devices and how their use is averting genuine engagement with other people and their surrounding enivronment.

Statement for Comics

My work deals with the importance of the superhero genre in popular culture.  By using art historical references, I draw comparisons between the American superhero, gods of greek mythology, and Christianity to show the impact that this genre has had on our culture.


Brandon is a emerging artist from North Huntingdon, Pennsylvania.  He is currently a Master of Fine Arts candidate at Indiana University of Pennsylvania with a focus in drawing.



North Huntingdon, Pennsylvania 15642

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  • Drawing
  • Furniture


  • Black & white
  • Charcoal
  • Colored-pencil
  • Comic
  • Paper
  • Realist
  • Wood