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Norman Brown

Norman Brown

Artistic Category artist
Career Level Mid-career
Experienced With Commissions


 I am a self-taught artist. My work includes acrylic paintings of fantasy figures, landscapes, still life compositions of real and made up objects, dance phrases and gestures, reworked prehistoric and primitive images and designs (particularly African),  as well as abstracts, collages and carved acrylic painted drywall reliefs..


 I hope that my art evokes some eyebrow lifting, smiles, laughs, wonder, and  joy in the love of color, fantasy and primitive art.


 I am currently represented by Michael Hertrich Fine Art 1421 North 3rd Street Harrisburg PA 17102


 My work can also be found at Ujamaa Collective 1901 Centre Ave  Suite 103 PGH. PA 15219





I am the ninth child of a family with ten children. I grew up in Pittsburgh’s Hill District. I did not begin to seriously think of drawing or painting until I began to study dance in the mid 1970’s. The artwork completed at that time was accepted as payment for dance classes. It was because of the work completed during this time period that a friend of mine encouraged me to pursue an exhibition of my work. In the fall of 1977 I began preparation for my first one man show to be held in the early summer of 1978. I have been doing/completing artwork for the last 30 + years.


Pgh., Pennsylvania 15213
412 682 5088
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  • Craft
  • Cut paper
  • Drawing
  • Found object
  • Mixed-media
  • Painting
  • Sculpture
  • Textile


  • Abstract
  • Acrylic
  • Acrylic paint
  • Appropriation
  • Assemblage
  • Carving
  • Collage
  • Color field
  • Ethnic
  • Expressionist
  • Fabric
  • Fiber
  • Figurative
  • Gestural
  • Landscape
  • Minimalist
  • Modern
  • Nature
  • Paper
  • Plaster
  • Pop
  • Recycling /green
  • Representational
  • Still life
  • Surreal
  • Watercolor