Work Sample

This handmade floor lamp looks great in contemporary homes and businesses! Displaying our unique Torronte glass pattern, this lamp employs two high output LED packs to bring a warm and efficient light to your space. The kilnformed glass lenses measure 6" x 19" x 1/8" made from carnelian, royal blue, butterscotch, olive green, and deep red Bullseye glass powder fused onto driftwood grey sheet. The lamp sits on a sturdy base of 2", high-performance concrete with cast in hardware for easy disassembly. The concrete base sits upon four rubber bumpers for added stability and protection of your floor surfaces.The Torronte floor lamp offers a customizable center-post height from 36" to 72" total lamp height. The Torronte floor lamp is available in a variety of heights and can be combined in groups for a great effect! Please contact Daniel for group orders. This floor lamp also looks great in conjunction with our chandeliers and wall sconces. Please see our other Etsy pages or visit for more! All parts are handmade one at a time in our studio in Pittsburgh, PA. Please specify desired height and cord length. Our lighting designs are highly customizable! if you need a particular pattern or color palette please contact Daniel for information on custom specifications.

Date: 07/20/2014
Dimensions: Variable
Price: $375