Work Sample

This is a handmade, kiln formed glass tray perfect for holding and displaying anything from jewelry to soap and small foods. The powder printed bicycle cassette design is fused colored glass and can't wear or scratch off. This tray measures 4" x 7" x 1/2" and comes with four rubber bump ons to protect your table top. And best of all, shipping is absolutely free! What is Powder Printing? Powder Printing, like other innovations within the contemporary maker movement, melds older established techniques from other mediums and retools them for new purposes, in this case glass making. Powder Printing uses traditional screen printing methods, but replaces ink and paper with glass and heat. In this technique, images are produced by pressing dry glass powder through a prepared silk screen directly onto layers of flat sheet glass that are then fused together in the kiln at temperatures in excess of 1400 degrees fahrenheit. Powder Printing affords the glass artist unparalleled image control along with the ability to reproduce the work much in the same way a printmaker does.

Date: 06/11/2016
Dimensions: 4" x 7"
Price: $14.00