Work Sample

To capture the essence of night this was taken late night and as you can see the scene is magical. There are a few layers that you should specifically observe when you see this long exposure. First, the back, skyline stalwarts, see the PPG looks disproportionate because of the relative location and distance as compared to Highmark. Second, the bridges - Rachel Carson and and you can see the Roberto Clemente in the behind. Observe the reflections on the calm river for third, and finally look at the foreground which was light painted by the cellphone flash. Lastly, don't miss the starbursts on the lights. #Pittsburgh #pittsburghbeautiful #capturedpgh #pgh #pittsburghphotographer #pittsburghphotography #pghcreative #downtownnpittsburgh #nightphotography #longexposure #monocrome

Date: 03/25/2018