Work Sample

Total Solar eclipse, Aug 2017. Nashville. I present the ring which I saw and captured just before the totality arrived. I love the way cloud surrounded the sun. Also, don’t miss the few red/pink solar flares that are visible on edge of the ring. Very happy with how it came out with the limited experience and equipment I had. The scene was changing every second – natural light were disappearing fast, all of a sudden it became all dark and temp dropped to give you a chill. In middle of the day you get a feel of the night. It was so surreal even for us who was expecting this knowing the phenomenon. Birds were confused, the streetlights came up, and within another minute things were back. As my friend said that morning, poor sun, don’t even know that it has to go through this moon turmoil and people surrounding will keep staring at it and shout out loud observing this one of a lifetime event. :) I am blessed and lucky to be part of this. #sun #solar #eclipse #solareclipse #solareclipse2017 #ring #diamondring #nature #Nashville

Date: 03/25/2018